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Many people are not aware that lack of privacy is a significant disadvantage of using a will as the cornerstone of their estate plan. A trust has many advantages over a will not the least of which is maintaining privacy during life and at death.

A trust is a private document. By contrast, a will is a public document. You might as well take out an ad in your local newspaper with a complete listing of your property and to whom you left each asset. Many consider the Internet a great tool, and it is. But, pretty much anyone can obtain a copy of your will and publish it on the Internet. Don’t believe me? To read the wills of Paul Newman, John Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Richard Nixon, Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, James Gandolfini, and many other famous people, go here.

If privacy is important to you, give us a call to discuss setting up a trust that will keep your affairs private and accomplish many other goals during your life and at your death.

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