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The article I look forward to reading every single year is Matthew Berry’s Draft Day Manifesto. This year was the 22nd edition of the Manifesto.

This year’s Manifesto had a lot of what you would typically expect from Mat-thew Berry: “Wait on a QB” and “At a fundamental level, fantasy football is entirely about minimizing risk and giving yourself the best odds to win on a weekly basis.”

There was one paragraph in the Manifesto that I felt was worth mentioning. It read: Final point here — and not to be morbid — but every league commish (and may-be every team?) should have someone else who can access the league. In the event you or someone close to you contracts COVID, the last thing you’re gonna want to deal with is fantasy football.

This actually reminds me of a scene from the show The League, when Ruxin is incapacitated and has Andre control his team.

When it comes to Estate Planning, there are things that you can do to be proactive without having to see an attorney. Setting up an alternate person for your fantasy football team is just one of those things. This is not something you would have to put in writing. You can just have one of your friends as an alternative.

Also, if you are the person in charge of collecting the dues for the league, make sure someone else can access the dues if needed.

I’d like to end with one final line from the Manifesto: Most importantly, wear a mask, wash your hands, socially distance yourself, be smart and safe, and cross your fingers we get a season.

If you have any questions about your Fantasy Football team, or you are interested in creating your estate plan, you can book a Strategy Session with our firm HERE.

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