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Whenever I have a conversation with someone about Estate Planning, the first thought is what will happen after someone passes away. While that is true, what most don’t realize is how much people can get from their Estate Plan when they are alive! Here are some thoughts for you to consider…while you are very much alive.

  • There is no question Estate Plans can help you with taxes…while you are alive
  • It is a great way to protect your assets (and those your family and friends are designated to receive) from such issues as divorce, creditors, business associates, and other lawsuits
  • Because it involves planning, this should be done with your family so they understand your wishes and why before you are gone…this is a great and loving conversation to have today
  • It puts things in perspective quickly…you are talking about what happens when you are gone so why not take that and start changing the way you live, love, and enjoy life today
  • Allows you to plan out (and discuss) what will happen and your wishes about end of life decisions and what role you would like people to play in it…before it happens
  • It gives you the ability to plan out (and discuss) your long-term care plans you desire and are funding with your estate plan
  • It helps you put money in perspective for everyone and have some open and positive discussions while you are living, so they know your wishes…how it is going to be handled and who is getting what and why
  • On a similar note, it also allows you to handle heirlooms and treasures you have that others may want…do you know what everyone wants that you have…guaranteed you will be surprised by this discussion with your family and friends
  • If you have minor children, who will care for them and why…this is the perfect time to have this in place to eliminate that stress in their lives…what a great gift to give your kids more than an asset
  • It helps you think about what you “want to leave” your family and friends…not regarding assets, but wisdom…what would you want them to know from all you have learned and experienced when you are gone…why not share this today

I could go on, but this should get you started. Estate Planning isn’t a document, it is an opportunity (even an excuse) to do some wonderful things for yourself, your family loved ones and friends…WHILE YOU’RE ALIVE. Take advantage of it…you won’t be here forever so take advantage of the opportunity Estate Planning gives you while you are still here. It WILL BE THE GREATEST GIFT YOU CAN LEAVE.

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