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Join us for an informative and fun INFO SESSION on May 19th at 9:30am at the Marriott Courtyard. We will share a new approach that can benefit anyone who has a Will, an Estate Plan, a Trust, or who just wants more information about how to protect their loved ones. Learn more and Register Today.

Most “Estate Planning” focuses on “creating documents”…not a strategy for your life and loved ones in today’s New World. There are more variables to deal with and Estate Planning hasn’t kept up the way it should have to meet your needs, desires, and wishes.

Moving up to creating an “Estate Strategy” is like putting traditional Estate Planning on Steroids…it gives you the horsepower you need to make sure your loved ones are take care of the way you want!

The majority of people have no clue what an effective Estate Strategy can do for them. We want to fix this for you…we want to educate you on what’s changed and why this approach is so powerful today. When you understand the differences, you will see how the wishes you have for your loved ones can come true…just the way you want.

We are holding a 1 hour “INFO SESSION” to help you understand this new approach and to help answer your questions. It is being held on MAY 19, 2018…simply click the “REGISTER” button below and it will take you to a page with all the details. You can finalize your registration at that time.

THANK YOU for considering this INFO SESSION…we hope to see you there!

NOTE: Our “Info Sessions” involve providing you with helpful information and answering your questions…that’s it! We absolutely don’t do any “selling” and we don’t allow any “buying” during this time…we are strictly focused on helping you learn the material without any distractions or pressure…it’s just not our style. This means there will be zero sales pitch…and you can’t buy anything from us…you can’t even schedule an appointment. If you want to do that, you can contact us the next business day. This is a “NO SELL ZONE.” We want you to learn, not hold onto your wallet waiting for the big sales pitch…there won’t be one.

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