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Over the past month, we have seen Americans run out to buy various items from the stores: toilet paper, water, rice, and beans are a few.  There have even been recent reports of firearms and home gym equipment selling out.

But a recent article in the Washingtonian added one more thing to the list: People are Rushing to get Wills Done.

It’s not only Wills that people are rushing to complete, but Power of Attorney’s and Healthcare Documents are also in demand right now.  While end-of-life matters are never easy to talk about, the recent Covid-19 outbreak has made people confront these issues.

Being that Estate Planning is a type of “transactional law,” Estate Planning attorneys are still able to practice even with the court closed. Initial client interviews can be conducted over the computer, and documents can be drafted while attorneys are at their homes.

Here are Generations Law Group, we have been using video conferences for client interviews long before the recent Quarantine.  Additionally, using DocuSign, our clients are able to sign their documents and have validly executed Trust, General Power of Attorneys, and Health Care Power of Attorneys.

While it is true that you are not able to sign a Will electronically at this point, we do have some workarounds that will get us through the current lockdown.

So while you are out buying your toilet paper, just know that the Attorney’s of Generations Law Group are available if you want to get your Estate Plan in place finally.

If you think your Estate Plan needs a Complimentary Review or if you want to talk about Estate Planning for the first time, you can book your Strategy Session HERE.


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